DNA Profiling and Parentage Verification

The GSD Breed Council have formed a partnership with Animal DNA Diagnostics Ltd to provide a DNA Profiling & Parentage verification service for GSD breeders and owners.
The aim of this service is to verify that the parentage records are correct.

All dogs born after 1st January 2013 will need to be DNA profiled before having a GSD Breed Council Survey.

Tests may be purchase using the web shop at Animal DNA Diagnostics.  Please provide all relevant details including full names and KC Registration Numbers for the dog, its sire and its dam.  Upon purchase you will be provided with a sampling kit to take to your vet, who will take the blood sample.  Return this in the packaging provided, to Animal DNA Diagnostics.  You will be informed by email or by post when the analysis is complete.

A DNA profile for the dog will be generated and held on file.  When both the sire and dam profiles become available for any individual, his parentage will be verified.

The GSD Breed Council will hold details of which individuals have been DNA profiled and subsequently parentage verified.  Pedigrees may be submitted to the GSD Breed Council to be indicated as DNA profiled Parentage Verified.  Should any discrepancy arise from any test result, you will be notified immediately, along with the GSD Breed Council administration.  Further testing would then be performed to ensure that the results are conclusive.  Until conclusive, no results would be published or entered on the database.

DNA profiling provides a unique biological reference for an individual animal - rather like fingerprints.  DNA profiles are constant and will not change during the animal's lifetime.  They can be used in any situation where the identity of the animal may be in question, for example, if there is a dispute over ownership or the animal is lost or stolen.  In these situations, the archived reference profile can be compared to the animal in dispute.

A DNA profile can also be used for parentage verification, where DNA profiles of both parents and offspring are available.  The results will indicate whether each of the proposed parents qualifies as a parent or is excluded as a parent.

DNA profiles are archived securely for future reference.