Compulsory Microchipping in England and Wales

It will become law in 2016 for all dogs to be micro-chipped as a means of identification should the dog stray or become involved in an attack.  Micro-chipping is already compulsory for a ‘Pet Passport’.

The Kennel Club manages Petlog, the UK’s largest lost and found database for micro-chipped pets, which was established to help reunite lost dogs with their owners.  For further information visit Petlog’s website www.petlog.org.uk or telephone 0844 4633 999

Other micro-chip / database companies are:
Identichip / Anibase   website: www.identichip.co.uk  Telephone: 01904 487600
Avid / PETtrac   website: www.avidplc.com  Telephone: 0800 652 8977

Dogs can be micro-chipped by your Vet.

Dogs need to be positively identified when being entered for a GSD Breed Council Survey and micro-chipping is an accepted method of identification.