Breeders Charter

The aim of the Breeders Charter is to encourage good practice with regard to the breeding and rearing of the GSD

I agree to maintain the following minimum practices:

To maintain the best possible standards of health, environment and quality of life for my dogs, not keeping more than I can properly care for. I will endeavour to breed only to the GSD Standard and before mating any bitch I will ensure that I have suitable conditions to whelp and raise a litter.

To refuse to sell to any dealers or buyers where I have reason to believe the dog will not be properly cared for.

To keep and to pass on to buyers of stock accurate records of health, pedigree and registration and to advise on feeding and rearing, and to suggest a Training or Breed Club.

If required by the purchaser to agree for the puppy to be examined by a qualified veterinary surgeon on the Breeder's premises to certify the puppy is healthy. (Buyer to meet costs).

To sell only puppies and adult dogs of apparently sound health and temperament. Puppies to have been wormed twice and will not be sold until at least 7 weeks (plus).

To replace any puppy (or refund purchases price if no replacement is available) which develops an inherited defect before 12 months old to such a degree that on the advice of two independent qualified veterinary surgeons the puppy has to be put down. Breeder to be properly notified before any action is taken.

Not to mate any bitch under 20 months or before her third season or over 8 years without prior permission from the KC, my own vet's approval and certificate of health for the higher age. No bitch shall have more than one litter born in less than any 12 month period.

To refuse a stud service to any bitch that I know to be suffering from any defect which renders it unsuitable to breed good normal puppies. Nor do I knowingly use a stud dog which has these failings, I will only breed from scored stock within the criteria laid down for Class 1 and Class 2 in the Breed Council Survey or that which has foreign hip grades passed for breeding in its own country. Outside this range I will seek advice in writing from the breed geneticist. I will mate compensatory and will include hip scores of Sire and Dam on pedigrees.

To limit stud services to a maximum of 60 per year per dog and not offer dogs at Stud until tested clear for Haemophilia 'A' . I will not accept bitches for mating that have not been hip-scored.

To allow a repeat service when a bitch has failed to conceive, provided the stud dog is in good health and available. If this is not possible to allow the concession with another dog owned by myself whose stud fee is similar or less, providing the original KC mating form is returned.

To allow an appropriate selected person to visit my kennels if requested by the Breed Council, when notified in advance and a reason given.

To restrict breeding to not more than 8 litters or 60 puppies in any two year period. This to include any puppies from a Breeding Term Agreement.

To register all my puppies with the KC.

To endeavor to take back or assist with re-homing any unwanted GSD of my breeding.

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