GSD Breed Council Survey Achive

Over 1,600 archived Breed Council Surveys are now available as PDF files. You will need a PDF viewer to read them but most computers already have a reader installed. If necessary, you can download Adobe Reader free of charge from here (if you have your own virus scanner, you may wish to remove the tick in the box regarding McAfee and any other 'options').

To select an archived Breed Council Survey, please use the search box below. Type in the first few characters of the dog's name (omit any apostrophes) and if the Survey is available, the dog's name should appear in the dropdown list. Click on the dog's name to transfer it to the main box, check it is the correct dog and then click 'Go' - the Survey should open in your browser or your chosen PDF reader.

If you wish to view the Survey of another dog, return to this page and click the 'Reset' button to clear the search box. Type the first few characters of the new dog's name & proceed as before.

Please ensure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser before using this facility.



Please note:
Over the many years that Breed Council Surveys have been operating, additional criteria have been applied to the Survey. These additional areas are shown in yellow on the older Surveys to indicate that this data wasn't collected at the time the Survey was carried out.
Additionally, we now have stricter controls in place and the Database is coded to flag areas in red if there is a suspected error e.g. if a mandatory field is missing. If this happens with a current/recent Survey then we try to obtain the correct information before publishing. This cannot always be achieved with an older Survey which was published long ago - errors and omissions which went un-noticed at the time will show in red.

Please also note:
This page will change frequently, but your browser may cache the last version you viewed and present this older version to you, trying to save time. Press the 'F5' key and your browser will refresh the page to access the latest data.