The Breed Council Survey Form

The Breed Council Survey Form is designed to facilitate the easy recording of data, and then the easy transfer of that data to the Breed Council Database. This data is reproduced in a more 'friendly' format for the Breed Council Survey Certificates.

Please use the correct Form, which has reference BCSF160929 printed at the bottom of every page.  Older forms do not have all the 'boxes' needed for the data collected by the modern Survey, and the missing data causes delays in the issuing of Survey Certificates.

To download BCSF160929 please use the link on this page or visit the 'Downloads' page.

This new form has the added advantage that the front page is 'fillable' by using the later versions of Adobe Reader.   The latest version is Adobe Reader 'DC' and you can download it free of charge from here  (if you have your own anti-virus program, you may wish to remove the tick in the box regarding McAfee and any other 'options').

Using this new facility will improve legibility and reduce delays caused by errors, but the 'blank' form may still be printed and completed by hand if necessary.